Why Become A Third Coast Equipment Dealer?

Typically you would expect us to brag about our equipment and support on this page. And although we sell premium quality products and we do have incredible support, we feel that has become a standard in our industry. Our products and support are amazing, but it’s not really what sets us apart (how is that for transparency?).

At the end of the day you have many options in the light equipment market, so the big question arises “Why Third Coast?”

In other words, why would you as a dealer choose a new brand/company (us) over a well known alternative?We hope you find our approach refreshing as you learn about the four pillars of differentiation we have carved out in the market. 

How We Set Ourselves Apart...

1. Lead- To- Sale Program

Much like a “Farm to Table” program. We have developed a proprietary program to help our dealers move equipment fast!

When a new dealer joins the 3CE family, our marketing team goes to work! We run local campaigns online to generate dozens of leads on a weekly basis. 

Our system then delivers those leads through our proprietary lead-to-sale software. 

To learn more about how behavior based targeting works, reach out to our 3CE team today! 

2. Crafting A Unique Customer

The number one way to create a differentiation in the light equipment marketplace in 2022 is through experience. In a world where most customers feel like a number, this gives us an opportunity to shine.

So how is Third Coast Equipment doing everything in their power to ensure that our dealers and their customers get the “VIP like experience”?

We have done this by making everything easy, accessible, and fast! 

All schematics and parts are easily found right on our website. Need to talk to someone on the inside? No problem, you can either request a call (will call back in minutes) or just talk to someone on our live support chat box in the right-hand corner. 

Learn more about our best in class warranty by clicking below. 

3. Lowering Your Cost Through

There are two ways to lower the cost of equipment. You can either lower your standards on the equipments quality (we disagree with this method), or you can lower your administrative costs through the use of technology and just sheer fiscal responsibility. 

Did you know that on average 12% of manufacturer cost have nothing to do with the equipment? Yes, 12% of what you are paying for actually adds no value to you as a dealer. 

Things such as Christmas parties, big shows, inefficient sales people, inefficient managers, all the corporate waste get’s absorbed by you… The dealer. 

This ultimately burdens your customers and kills your profits. 

We do things different. We leverage technology and financial responsibility to lower your cost.

We know once you get a taste of our margins, we will become your go to source for light equipment.

4. EquipFlix

Our founders have over 80 years of combined experience in the light equipment space. In fact, one member got his start in the industry going site to site with rammers and plates in the back of his truck. 

Why is this important? 

Because the big decisions made by most OEMs are being made by people who have never even stepped foot on a construction site to sell equipment. 

The content they produce to help your team sell is so generic with little street smart application. 

We have developed an entire streaming platform for our dealers. 

Here you and your entire team can stream educational content in the same way you would watch a movie on Netflix!

Whether your marketing department wants to learn what’s working for Facebook & Google ads, or your sales team wants to learn how to increase their conversion rate from online leads, or your service department wants to learn how to maintain or repair our equipment. 

EquipFlix will provide you with quality engaging content that is fun to watch, and actually makes a real difference in your business! 

To Sum It Up...

When you look down a line of equipment on your showroom floor, you likely notice very little difference when it comes to the equipment itself. 

But what that equipment represents makes all the difference. 

In the same way the TESLA logo makes you think (modern, cutting edge, pushing the limits) when you see the 3CE logo we want you and your customers to think (profits, integrity, quality experience, pushing the limits)

We would love to partner with you as we create the largest disruption the light equipment market place has seen in over 40 years.

To learn more about joining us on this trek. Please schedule your call below!