Our Business model

The traditional world of light construction equipment is changing.  Quality products are the expectation.  A manufacturer that combines innovation, channel efficiency and experience to provide complete customer solutions is the future.  Delivering to the market through a business model that brings the greatest customer value advantage, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program, is Third Coast Equipment. 

Who We Are 

Our team is comprised of experienced industry professionals, pioneering engineers and transformational business leaders bringing a unique perspective to serving customers.  Through this collaborative expertise, Third Coast Equipment has developed an operating model that eliminates “traditional” supply chain inefficiencies, allowing us to deliver products at the most competitive price points in the industry. 

Further, as a foundational core value, innovation guides our organization.  Our entire team is centered on bringing the next generation of products to the market- today.  Our e-commerce technologies offer marketing solutions- and customer growth opportunities- that previously have not been available.  Finally, our support services combine automation with efficient personal interactions, allowing us to rapidly understand your needs and respond. 

What this means for You...

 Quite simply, our operating model delivers greater customer profits.  Our operating costs are 8-10% below our competitors- savings that are passed directly to you.  As a Third Coast Equipment customer, you will take advantage of: 

  • high quality, high performing products at the best price points, backed by the best warranty program in the industry 
  • customer support that ensures exceptional turn-around 
  • embedded e-commerce to provide collaborative marketing opportunities to extend your reach and grow your business.   

Our organization is dedicated to building lasting partnerships through a customer model that is designed to enable your success.  Experience the Third Coast Equipment advantage today.