All major OEMs have felt the impacts that covid has had on the supply chain, and Third Coast Equipment was no exception. 

At this moment in July of 2022, we are happy to announce that we are stocked and loaded! We can get all orders out the door promptly. 

We specialize in light compaction equipment. Rammers, Plates, & Rollers… That’s our game. 

We have the best warranty on the market. All of our equipment comes standard with 5 years on parts, 4 years on the Vanguard motor, 3 years on the Honda motor, and 2 years on labor. 

Everything you see on our website is finished and assembled in New Berlin, WI. 

What makes Third Coast Equipment different? If you look at our equipment and compare it to MQ or Wacker Neuson you will find that all of us are making a great product. 

However, our administrative costs are only a fraction of the cost of these major companies. We leverage technology to lower our costs to do business. And we pass this on to our customers.

You will find that our machines consistently beat out the price of any of our major competitors, yet we are using the same premium components. This is because we feel that we are fiscally obligated to our customers. When our competitors are sitting around the conference table trying to figure out how to combat inflation. None of them are considering giving up their company vehicle. It’s way easier to just raise prices.

So the question is… When you buy a plate, roller, or rammer, do you want to be paying for some silver-spooned executives’ dinner and company vehicle? Or do you want to put that cash back in your pocket?

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